I’m in Atlanta this weekend with my friend Sue and her fabulous Aunt Meredith who owns a gift store in Michigan.  This is “market” which is the Superbowl of wholesale shopping.  They were nice to let me tag along.    We’ve walked MILES viewing every geegaw, tabletop tchotchke, and pair of fashion sunglasses on the planet earth.  We’ve even previewed Christmas 2011 (it’s going to involve a lot of glitter).   The  sheer volume of mass-produced merchandise is astounding.

I’m officially cured of any romantic notion of owning a shop.  I’ll leave that to these experts who have the acuity and stamina to sift through the noise.

Georgia artist, Imi Hwangbo creates serene pieces by hand-cutting mylar and painting them with archival ink.  Exquisite and one-of-a-kind.

Artist’s website: www.imihwangbo.com

Gallery Representation: Miller Block Gallery and Lemberg Gallery

The Artist, Imi Hwangbo

Her work is available through Miller Block Gallery