p17jfio1psj8j17fkuim8521eoc3-large I’m not big on shots.  In fact, I’ll risk a great deal to avoid them.  Like the FLU shot.  This year, I made a bad calculation and was struck by the oncoming train with headache, nausea, and fever making their appearance while on a day trip to New York.  On my way home from the airport I zipped into Walgreen’s and called my doctor right in front of the pharmacist.  Mercifully, I was given a prescription for Tamiflu.  The $120 price got my attention but I didn’t see any alternative.  Best money I’ve spent in years.  Within 12 hours I was back to normal!!!  It’s a miracle drug!  Use as directed….

The little sojourn in the bed gave me a minute to explore some new artists on Paddle8.  Regina Scully’s works hit me like that oncoming train but for this I didn’t want an anti-viral.  Marvelous!

Artist’s website: www.reginascully.com

Gallery Representation: Heriard-Cimino Gallery, New Orleans, LA and C24 Gallery, New York, NY

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