My mother has a group of women with whom she has been friends for over 40 years (sorry Mom, I know you are too young for me to say that!).  Back in the era of Castner Knott, Cain-Sloan, and Kuhn’s, it was customary to belong to a “sewing club”.  Some of the “projects” went on for years (think needlepoint Christmas stockings).  Typically, a day gown was being smocked or ruched;  a jean jacket was being appliqued with a groovy peace symbol; or surgery was being performed on a pair of ripped Duckheads  (but only if you had boys).   There was always wine.    Sewing was kind of a sidebar for her group.  The primary purpose was, of course, to chat about one’s children and anyone else who was foolishly not present.     My sisters and I referred to it as the “Stitch and Bitch Club” .

Artist Cayce Zavaglia’s work is created entirely of embroidery thread and is far from domestic maintenance work.

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