Everyone loves a good makeover program.  I’m partial to What Not to Wear with hosts, Stacy London and Clinton Kelly.  The format is always the same.  Slovenly dresser with bad hair and make-up is nominated by a caring friend or husband.  Boatloads of sweat pants, and yucky-looking babydoll dresses are disposed of at a giant trash bin confessional.  Next, the fragile “makeovee” is cast out on a bound-to-fail shopping spree so that Stacy and Clinton can tut-tut and make disapproving comments while they watch it on streaming video.  At last,  they swoop in and select super cute outfits that truly flatter.  A trip to the stylist completes the transformation.   It is very cathartic.

Artist, Lane Bennion knows his way around the mall.

Gallery Representation:  Terzian Galleries