One of the largest Catholic convents in the United States is located in my city.  I was fortunate to have been educated by the devoted “sisters” who live there.  You’ve got to give the  Catholic Church some credit for distinctive “nun names”, the inspirations for which are as mysterious as the Trinity itself.  For example, Sister Annunziata always delivered the morning prayer over the intercom system.   Sister Consolata taught piano.   Sister Pelagia worked in the cafeteria.  Other noteworthies included  Sister Marie DeLourdes, Sister Aloysius, Mother Assumpta (the head nun-and-chief, like in The Sound of Music), Sister Perpetua Marie, Sister Bonaventure, and my personal favorite, Sister Scholastica.   I hope to goodness they are all praying for me.

Artist, Clare Grill seems to have been inspired by a similar catechism.  Her brushstrokes are transcendent.

Gallery Representation:  Horton Gallery