My sister and her husband Tom, have three of the most precious children that ever existed.  They are not only movie star adorable, but they are also incredibly polite and well-behaved.  In fact, I’m not sure they know that my last name isn’t “ma’am”.  Anyway, my sister “claims” that on a road trip last summer they were acting like house apes while off-exit dining at a Stuckey’s.   Notwithstanding the fact that they knew no one at this establishment, Tom was mortified.  As he walked out of the restaurant,  he loudly announced to my sister (ensuring everyone in earshot could hear),”This is the LAST time we take care of your SISTER’S children!!!”

Sometimes you just want to fade into the woodwork.  Or the wallpaper.

Peruvian artist, Cecilia Paredes, paints her backgrounds and her subjects, to create these arresting photographs.

Gallery Representation: Salt Fine Art