I took a semester off in college and traveled.  I went by myself, which in retrospect, I cannot believe my parents allowed.   Needless to say, it was great fun.  It was easy to identify other student wanderers because we all lugged around well worn copies of  “Let’s Go Europe” and stayed at the same icky hostels.

One of the highlights of the journey was three days I spent in Pampalona, Spain, at the annual Running of the Bulls.    This event makes Mardi Gras look like Labor Day at a retirement community.   Crazed participants run through a fenced-in chute with the snorting and extremely dangerous  bulls at their heels.   Not surprisingly, there are dozens of casualties.   Recently PETA protested the practice and introduced the Running of the Nudes in response to what they view as animal cruelty.   Now, over a thousand people take to the street each year au naturale which only contributes more to the festivities!

Miguel Macaya’s moody work makes me want paella and a glass of Rioja Wine.

Gallery Representation: Galerie Arcturus