My sister Margaret is amazing.  She is incredibly resourceful and, frankly, guileless enough to believe she can tackle any problem.  If I washed up on a deserted island, I would just hope she was with me because nothing begins to ruffle her.  Oh, did I mention she is humble to boot?

Aside from raising 3 stellar children, she is a full-time lawyer, volunteer, and optimist.  She is also in wicked good shape.  She breezily takes part in the Wild West Relay each year which is a 200 mile, 24 hour slog in high altitudes.   I don’t know when I last DROVE 200 miles in one stretch.  Honest to Adidas!

I went through a serious needlepoint belt phase.  While my work was respectable, it was all ordered from stores with pre-painted canvases that were cute but not original.  Margaret, of course would have none of that.  She painted her own, and they were masterpieces.

Artist, Maurizio Anzeri takes vintage studio portraits found in flea markets and stitches whimsical geometric designs over their faces.  According to art critics, he is one to watch.