My Myers-Briggs  personality profile is ISTJ, which means Introvert, Sensor, Thinker, Judger.  I’ve never had anyone question the judger part, but most people are surprised  that I am introverted.  I tell them I am high functioning.

My husband, on the other hand,  is as far out on the extroverted curve as one can be.  His personality type draws (sucks) energy from people. I’ll put it this way.  He could literally work a 12 hour shift at the American Airlines complaint desk during an ice storm on Christmas Eve and come home afterwards ready to go out and see people.  Me?  I’d be apoplectic.  There’s the difference.

We’ve entered an era of unprecedented togetherness.  We are “grouping”, “crowdsourcing”, and interacting non-stop.  With the computer as our masque, we can be “present” 24/7.

Chinese photographer Shao Kun and Ruggero plays with this concept with his unusual work.  The blue ink visible in the “Facebook” photograph was applied on top of the negative before the photograph was printed.

Gallery Representation: Me Photo Art Gallery