My friend, Aggie More, once gave me a beautifully illustrated book about collective nouns.  There are so many wonderful words to describe everything beyond a pair.  A “dray” of squirrels, a “coven” of witches, a “gaggle” of geese, an “ambush” of tigers, a “malapertness” of peddlers, a “sneer” of butlers, a “cloud” of gnats, a “rake” of colts, a “clew” of worms, a “fall” of lambs, a “goring” of butchers, and the list goes on.  Do click on this link to see more.

My personal favorites is, a “parliament” of owls.  My interest in ornithology is growing, and raptors are among the more regal of our feathered friends.  Portia Hein’s work also soars.

Gallery representation: Traywick Contemporary