Last weekend, I met Antiques Roadshow celebrity, Chris Mitchell while attending the Belle Meade Plantation Fall Fest Antique Show.  The man knows his Civil War ephemera.  While working his own “booth” of fascinating artifacts, he was presented with a number of items by yard sale pickers who heard he was in attendance.  As luck would have it, a collector brought him a photograph purchased from a pile of junk for $4.  It was an original photograph of President Andrew Johnson.  (He was the impeached successor to Abraham Lincoln)  These likenesses are so rare, they can bring approximately $40,000 at auction!   The dream is still alive!

I vow to get up a little earlier on Saturday mornings and work the circuit.

Artist Randall Rosenthal creates his own value by carving collections of his own from wood.  I’d certainly get his work insured.