In the category of “now I’ve really heard it all”, it has been brought to my attention that, today, is the grand meeting of the Corduroy Appreciation Club in New York.  This is a social club that promotes corduroy “awareness”.  The membership meets only on days that have 1’s and 11’s because these dates most resemble the linear fabric.  I suppose that means that there are 4 meetings each year, January 1, January 11, November 1, and today.

The discussion board on their website promotes open appreciation of all things corduroy and does not discriminate on wale size or direction.  I confirmed this by reading the Q&A section of their website before joining.  See below:

Q: What is the Corduroy Appreciation Club’s stance on horizontal corduroy?

A: Our slogan dictates, “All Wales Welcome,” and we take this very seriously. So, in a nutshell, we love horizontal Corduroy. In fact, at our inaugural meeting we gave the founder of Cordarounds, horizontal Corduroy pants, our Award for Exemplary Usage of Corduroy.

If you are hankering to open your own local chapter after reading this, it is possible, but know that you must maintain at least 11 active members to be in good standing.

Artist Chuck Webster has no interest in straight lines.  I’m also a member of his fan club.