My husband and I attended Art Basel in Miami last week.  In preparation, I read a zillion articles about artists, galleries, curators, collections, warehouses, and “muses”.  Like any industry (and yes, it is an industry), there is a language and a “speak”.  For instance, any art critic worth her salt has has to use words like “eponymous”  “white box”, “iconic”, “assemblage”, and “sensibility” within their commentary.    Referring to an opening “after party” as a “post vernissage migration” thoughtfully and gently reminds neophytes like me that the art world is best left to people who fake like they can speak French.

Hey, I just know what I like, and it doesn’t have to match my sofa.

Standing tall among the chosen is painter Francois Bard . I have a few words for him beginning with,”WOW and “cool”.

Gallery representation: Galerie Olivier Waltman