“Predictions are very hard – especially about the future” – Yogi Berra .  Not sure what I can add to this; so, I will not.

Last year at this time, I logged on to WordPress and resolved to learn something new.  How did blogs work?  I fumbled around with the interface for a few days, called my gorgeous friend Laura Sweet at www.ifitshipitshere.com to get advice, and tried to keep things simple enough to sustain.  I have learned a lot.  My husband has been my editor-in-chief.  We bicker over punctuation at early hours of the morning.  (He will put a comma just about anywhere.)

If you are thinking about a New Year’s resolution, reframe the exercise.  Is there something you are curious about?  Commit to investigate it.  If it is genuinely worthy of your time and attention, you’ll wake up this time next year with a chapter of your life worth remembering.

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