I’m a big fan Dr. Emmett Brown‘s flux capacitator, a fictional device that makes time travel possible in the “Back to the Future” movie trilogy.  Hundreds, if not thousands of films have been made along the notion of time travel, so I was fascinated to find this article regarding the Chinese film industry.  Apparently they have banned production of films along the theme, citing it is disrespectful to Chinese history.  Huh?

Informed by history, yet armed with a combination of amazing talent and some pretty slick tools, photographer Judy Nebhut shows nothing but respect for her subjects.  Her photographs have been compared to still life paintings of 17th century Spanish artists.  You should compare them to the paintings of Juan Sanchez Caton for instance, and see if you agree!  You CAN see these live this weekend at the Temple Arts Festival in Nashville.

Artists website: www.judynebhut.com

Gallery representation: www.theartscompany.com