“Uncluttered, un pretentious, she tried hard not to be noticed”

My husband is a man of stature but  at 6’3″, he is the shortest among 8 of his first cousins both male and female.  At 5’3″, my neck gets a crick in it at family gatherings.  My daughter got this “wear anything and look great” gene and is a perfect 5’10”.  She’s exempt from all of the fashion foolery people like me have to resort too to elongate themselves (heels, long necklaces, vertical stripes, high hair).  Of course, nothing beats just standing up straight.

Artist Harriet M. Goode’s paintings command attention.  No alterations necessary.

Gallery representation: City Art, Bennett GalleryNew Bern ArtworksMary Martin Art

“Straightforward, Uncomplicated”

“It was the ultimate foolproof trap”


“Almost last chance to open the door to a nonexistent place”

“She used magic to stir up madness”