It’s official.  The terry cloth beach towel is dead.  So is the bikini.   While some may have thought I was vacationing in St. Bart’s this week, I was actually on a research mission.  Careful study of the habits and less than habits of the very glamorous yacht-set has proven to be exhausting.   Let me tell you, it’s all about being natural.  VERY natural.  Ok, being topless is nothing new to the international crowd, but wrapping oneself in the oh-so-wonderful “hamman” or “fouta” beach towel is certainly the latest fashion.  Fortunately, I know where you can acquire THE BEST for a price much less than the average mojohito on this swishy island.  www.Turkish-t.com will wrap you up in resort worthy style and may be the best purchase decision you make this year.

Artist Craig Parnaby captures the vibe with his less than cloth burdened sun worshipers.

How to purchase a turkish bath towel and wrap yourself in luxury?      www.turkish-t.com

Artist’s web site: Craig Parnaby

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