Yes, I realize today is a great celebration of freedom and democracy.  The coinciding events of both inauguration and Martin Luther King  Day places all eyes on Washington.  Unfortunately, almost half of our country will jeer while the other half cheers.  There is something irrational about that.  Surely each President has something reasonable to offer to move our country forward?  They can’t all be a bunch of boobs?  Or can they?

Artist Emily Deutschman thinks so.

Artist’s site: Emily Deutschmantumblr_mcqkj1hPJy1rckdcuo1_500 tumblr_mcbikgCkI01rckdcuo1_1280 john-adams-boob-cheeks-web andrew-jackson-with-a-fine-boob-chin-webtumblr_md6dafsew11rckdcuo1_1280 tumblr_md4iscM1qE1rckdcuo1_1280tumblr_mbnfo90i0I1rckdcuo1_1280 tumblr_mczo2jRJPv1rckdcuo1_500 tumblr_md36paA6OP1rckdcuo1_1280 boobs tumblr_m88p6gRaMn1rckdcuo1_1280 tumblr_m84ndadqg41rckdcuo1_1280 washingtonboobface