Rocket Launching Lotus_15I’m a huge fan of the work of Joseph Campbell, mythologist and general wiseman .   In his writings, much is made of dreams and archetypes.    George Lucas, of Star Wars fame, credits Campbell with inspiring many of the characters in the films.  I highly recommend  the video series by Bill Moyers regarding Campbell’s book, The Power of Myth.

Bhutanese artist, Phurba Namgay fires off the same themes in his amazing paintings.    Rockets, he says, remind him of mythical dragons (fire breathing I assume!).  I’m ready for take-off.

Artist website: Phurba NamgayAll Alone in the Universe The Auspicious Bhutanese Trifecta The Great Game IMG_1668 Dragon Chasing Rocket IMG_1673 missing sunsetsIMG_0202Sunset over the DragonMorning Coffee Gets Me Going