Slovenian artist Franc Grom drills down on the meaning of “Wholly Week”.  His exquisite works are cherished worldwide, but you may have to hunt to find his contact information.  And, if you are really feeling scrambled (sorry, I’m on a roll), you should stick with this post and check out the cross-stitched eggs by Ukranian needleworker Inna Forostyuk.  Not sure HOW she does it…curved needle?  Certainly over easy…

You can watch a quick video below to learn more about Franc Grom.

egg-art-02 grom-8 grom-6 franc_grom_egg_art_one_big franc_grom_egg_art_close franc_grom_egg_art_face_working franc_grom_egg_art_close_up grom-5 grom-1 grom-2-welcome8XQuf800px-EMBROIDERED_EGGS_BY_I_FOROSTYUK forostyuk_stitchedeggs_large