picture My husband owns a design/build firm where he is the chief architect.  Routinely, he meets with clients who need to update their kitchens, expand their master bedrooms, add on a family room, whathaveya.  His observation over the years is that people often perceive they need a larger house when what they actually need is a dumpster.  Most of us accumulate more aggressively than we purge.   I saw this in action when I visited my daughter this weekend at college.  Her dorm room was actually quite tidy, but over the course of the year the volume of detritus was reaching a tipping point.  In three weeks I’ll be moving her out and will be in charge of Hefty bags.

Jonas Wood paints some nifty household interiors.  His comfort with clutter and pattern puts me in mind of the weekend.

Gallery representation: David Kordansky Gallery




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