Something about the work of Erika Gofton put me in mind of this poem, Fate.

Fate winds its way around me

Like a river wraps a field

And floods my dying surface

To nothing does she yield

As she chooses she reminds me

She is bigger wiser braver

My arrogance a folly-nothing

To her slightest glance or waiver

The plans I made the stance I took

Are nothing more than dirt

Absorbed in her cool waters relieved

Now from all of the work

Of pushing and deciding

of steering guiding ‘gainst the grain

For now I float above her relieved from any pain

She carries all those burdens which were made up and imagined

They never held me as I’d thought  there were demons as companions

The seeds I’d planted swept away

The furrowed field abandoned

I float now high above these things

With wings light and strong expanded

It’s occurred to me that I am dead

Akin to those enlightened

My cares are gone my fears are quelled

Of nothing am I frightened

This place I go when I’m with you

Where fate towers high, enormous

The very thing I can believe

And need not prove beyond us

To see, to hear, to smell her

Might happen any hour

To know the other is alive

Must suffice to prove her power

She’ll take us where and when she likes

Of this now I am sure

And as I wrote long years ago

Our love will still endure

Shhh...exhibition 2008 - Token - Oil on Canvas  71 x 131cm(1) Shhh...exhibition 2008 - Enfold - Oil on Canvas 71 x 131cm(1) Shhh...exhibition 2008 - Patience - Oil on Canvas 71 x 131cm (3)(1) Whirl 1168 x 965mm 2006(1)42 (1)

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