I have a burn mark on my forearm from a flash encounter with my hot tap.  You know, the thingamagigy next to the faucet that has boiling water at- the-ready?  Terrific luxury appliance, most of the time.  It’s funny how long things take to heal.  I’ve had it there so long I can’t even remember if I did it this month or last.

A little skin abrasion is simply my way of introducing the much heavier subject of the loss of a loved one.  Last week, a dear friend in Nashville, Lisa was taken suddenly from our community and it hurts “like a mother” (as we say in the South).  It really sucks.  I’m praying for healing for all of those who knew and loved her, especially her wonderful husband and children.  I thought it appropriate to post Carolyn Hope Clark’s fantastic work as it too is inspired by healing.  You can read her personal story here.  Also, please read Lisa’s memorial and be inspired by her timeless spirit.  Peace.

Note: As I was writing this, I looked out from my window (I’m on vacation) and saw the most magnificent rainbow…first I’ve seen in years.  Thanks Lisa.

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Carolyn Hope Clark, artist