HelloHomer_BeeJohnsonAs a child I was obsessed with Richard Scarry, Eric Carl, Garth Williams, and Shel Silverstein.  Who can forget Huckle wearing those lederhosen as he rushed about  Busytown?   Or the sweet faced Laura Ingalls holding her corncob doll in the Little House series?  These images transported me to another world and made me eager to READ.  Finally, an app for emerging readers has captured the magic by presenting the very best artwork to illustrate classic stories.  “Learn with Homer” launched today and has been selected by the Apple Store as one of its favorites.  The end result is stunningly beautiful and is sure to engage even the most fidgety of pre-schoolers.

I’m particularly proud because one of its lead illustrators, Bee Johnson is a native Tennessean.  Each page of the app is rich with color and craft as shown above and below in the post.  Other talent represented on the site include Nicolas Cinquegrani, Kyle Fewell, and Martin Wickstrom.  If there is such a thing as a Caldecott Medal for online curriculums, this would certainly take the prize.

Download the application Learn with Homer HERE (it’s FREE!!!)

Artist’s websites:  Bee Johnson ,  Nicolas Cinquegrani, Kyle Fewell, and Martin Wickstrom

TheFishermanandhisWife_BeeJohnsonJimAlongJosie_MartinWickstrom MyShadow_NicolasCinquegrani NipNap_BeeJohnson OldKingColeMartinWickstrom ThePeacockFable_BeeJohnson FlyingKite_NicolasCinquegrani GrasshopperGreen_KyleFewell LittlePlant_BeeJohnson StarlightStarbright_BeeJohnson JennyJenkins_KyleFewell TheClouds_BeeJohnson