My son is in the thick of college applications.  Things have certainly changed.  It used to be one wanted to be perceived as “well-rounded”.  The longer the resume and list of clubs, the better.  Nowadays, everyone is looking for spikes and angles.  The most competitive colleges get an amazing number of Olympic athletes, founders of charities, world record holders and cancer curers.

I’m not sure how my precious offspring fits into all of this, but I do believe any school that gets him is going to be darn lucky.

Artist Chris Cosnowski celebrates the winning players  His paintings make my trophy case.

Lyons-Wier Gallery, New York

cosnowski_illhaveanother AmericanGothicamericanshiva-l Uvk6wPkhN1NXWX9J COSNOWSKI.Spirit-446x450 IMG_41901 spirograph72-web