Jonesborough Tennessee hosts an annual storytelling festival, which took place last week.  Sadly, I missed it yet again.  It is on my bucket list.  The ability to spin and weave an engaging tale is an art with an unusually high representation of southerners and Irish people.  While I claim both characterizations, I am solidly in the “listeners” seat.

Living legend Helen LaFrance paints her narratives in pigment with inspired genius.  Self-taught and wise beyond words, Helen is recognized as one of the great folk artists of her time.  Run, don’t walk to Artclectic on October 24th-26th and clamour for one of her paintings.

HelenLaFranceMyNeighbor 1341863891-img_2109 LaFrance-I-Do SAND-LOT-GAME-2004 Helen-La-France_DSC9411-copy Funeral-in-Fog-for-webHLFphoto26