Can you think of anything more perfect for your artist friends? For less than $20 you can present them with these delicious, ganache covered brownies in this clever box!

SKIP the harem scarem traffic of Black Friday.  Shop online at the most beautifully curated shop in the world. has done all of the scouring, selecting, and sourcing FOR YOU.  No matter what your budget, this site has it all!  I’ve made some picks in this post but highly recommend you get lost in their veritable Kasbah of global goodies!  Happy Thanksgiving!



ROXY PITCHER! I bought one of these hand-blown beauties and kept it for myself! Couldn’t bear to part with it! An heirloom piece! $305


It’s always hard to shop for a man, but Taigan makes it easy. The number of options found on their site is astounding, and at every price range. I’m giddy over these woolen pocket squares. Would be proud to have my fella sporting one of these at Christmas dinner! $80


Holiday macarons, what could be more festive?! Sucre of New Orleans is the last word in sweets and this box of yummies make the perfect presentation or corporate gift! $32

main_item_red-ruby-rouge-on-taigan-neon-natural-paint-party-clutch (1)

Who can resist this? The Paint Party Clutch is clever in design and the ultimate in chic! Comes in many colors…Check them out by clicking on the photo above! $88


main_item_detail__MG_2945_1_ Now this is a gift for the entire family! These beautifully designed fire pits are works of art and will warm your marshmallow too! How great would this be at your lake house or on your patio? No regrets after this purchase! $1490


Now here’s a great alternative to the “been there done that” bottle of wine hostess gift. Bring something that will be treasured forever! These hand blown glass ornaments come in an array of beautiful colors and will add sparkle to anyone’s tree! $36

main_item_imperio-vida-on-taigan-monkey-balls-sets-of-6 (1)

Monkey Balls! Sold in sets of 6, these crafted wonders can be placed in bowls or displayed on lucite sticks as a sculpture! Easy to place these in any home! $80


Please, oh please, Santa, can I have one of these? One of a kind, these shawls are investment pieces made from cashmere and silk! $250


My deep dark chocolate secret! These are my personal vice, and I’m not apologizing. A friend gave me a bag last Christmas and I hid them beneath the birdseye peas in my freezer. When, I‘m needing a chocolate fix, these more than do the job. TWO bags are $36 so buy one for a friend and the other for yourself!


HAND WOVEN of leather, these 21″ square pillows are the last word in chic. $532


Not your average soldier. This CHOCOLATE nutcracker stands 12″ tall and is almost too pretty to eat…but I’ll get over it. $49


If you want to stop time, consider one of these PORCELAIN sculptures. Can you imagine the look on your mom’s face if she unwrapped one of these beauties? Not sure you can top it. $425


When I was a young girl, it was standard to get a new nightgown and robe on Christmas Eve. Important to look turned out on Christmas morning don’t you know? This cozy robe from Turkish-T is a big upgrade from my old Lanz of Salzburg collection! $80