s113_galI’ve not posted in several weeks because I’ve been suffering an art hangover.  Art Basel will do that to you.  Show after show was loaded with fabulous works by artists from all over the globe.  Since returning, I have needed to sort through in my mind where to even begin.  Of one thing I am sure, there will be no shortage in 2014 of artist to blog about.

To kick-off the fresh set of works, I am going to begin with something deceptively simple, works on paper by color master Dennis Koch.  His process involves a drill and some intense oil pastels.  I’m in.

Gallery representation: Marine Contemporary

IMG_3478 dennis koch gallery 4 798b77b3dennis-koch-the-grey-wolf-devours-the-king 16 db5b03cflarge 2011-06-21-koch 728fdc23