IMG_0951 As many know, I’m involved in a company,  We are all about transitions.  High School to College.  College to first job.  First job to career.  Career to career transition.  2nd Acts.  3rd Acts.  Most importantly, JUST ACT.  Nothing is worse than a life half-lived. Having worked in the past for a hedge fund, I was intrigued with the announcement that the CIO of Saiers Capital Management, Nelson Saiers has decided to make his own transition from investment manager to professional artist.  The piece above is entitled “Ship of Theseus” From the artist’s website:


Ship of Theseus is a playful yet sinister work commenting on the state of the inflated international art market, which is both volatile and – like any bubble – a fragile ecosystem that must be treated delicately to survive. Here, a translucent bubble optically encases a quote by Isaac Newton written in Braille: “I can calculate the movement of the stars, but not the madness of men.”

Dots that match the Braille in the bubble form a pictorial Ship of Theseus, which precariously floats atop the bubble itself – threatening to collapse it at any moment. Its ominous presence brings into question the impermanence of all art, but especially of the current market environment, where art’s monetary value is hiked almost daily past unprecedented levels. 

For more information about the featured paintings visit his website:

Ship 1

"Love is Blind"

“Love is Blind”


Shark Tank

Shark Tank



IMG_0935   Narcissism   IMG_0905