They say that art can lift your spirits and when it comes to Anne Goetze this is certainly true.  This summer my friend Susan and I made our own kind of pilgrimage to Anne’s studio in Lieper’s Fork, Tennessee.  From there we were transfixed and transported by her story and work.  Anne’s range is broad including Plein air painting and photography.  However, her “Nun Series” is what inspires this post.

Anne’s Aunt Helen lived half of her life behind the walls of a tiny but powerful cloistered monastery in Annecy, France.  Each time Anne visited she chronicled the beautiful lives of the prayerful Visitation Order which had originated and spread from this gorgeous town over 400 years ago.  I’m particularly taken with the hands of these humble spiritual giants which Anne captures so beautifully.

Recently a film was made which will serve as your daily meditation.  Uplifting.

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And for a change of scenery, here are a few of her works from another idyllic environ, Tennessee.