Vértigo-Óleo-y-acrílico-sobre-lienzo.-60-x-80-cms-2016Last night, I had a deceased friend visit me in my dream for the third time since his passing.  Very kind of him as I’m overcome with peace during and after each experience.

Much has been written about dreams and their characteristics. 

I’ve said before what a huge fan I am of Joseph Campbell, mythologist and general wiseman.   In his writings, much is made of dreams and archetypes.    George Lucas, of Star Wars fame, credits Campbell with inspiring many of the characters in the films.  I highly recommend  the video series by Bill Moyers regarding Campbell’s book, The Power of Myth.

Artist Paco Pomet awakens the imagination.

Gallery Representation:  Richard Heller Gallery

Artist’s web site: http://www.pacopomet.com