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I had my first studio art class while a freshman at Vanderbilt.  I watched my dear friend Brett McFadyen, who now owns the Art and Invention Gallery in Nashville, discover he was an incredibly gifted artist.  It was his first art class as well, and watching him highlighted my understanding that some people are just born with it!  Our teacher was Marilyn Murphy who is a technical master.  I respected this, particularly when I attempted to complete my first still life assignment.  Her work often includes women from the 1940’s in unlikely scenarios.  I might call them whimsical but that would be too light of a description as what they evoke is a feeling of nostalgia for something that is yet to happen.  My husband gave me one of her works as a surprise for my 40th birthday.  The title is “Taking the Leap”.  I feel lucky to have it.

Carl Hammer Gallery in Chicago represents Marilyn’s work.