I work for an investment advisor.  Our office is riddled with screens constantly spewing news from the worldwide financial markets.  Bloomberg, CNBC, Squawkbox, Power Lunch and (gag) Cramer‘s Mad Money are part of my daily diet.  (For the record, he’s on for entertainment purposes, only!) I will say, Closing Bell commentator, Maria Bartiromo, has fantastic hair.  Anyway,  for months now, there have been heated discussions about Ben Bernanke and “QE2″.  As you may already know, this isn’t a reference to the luxury ocean liner but rather to the acronym for “Quantitative Easing“.  It seems the all-knowing and wise Federal Reserve decided to pump $600 billion dollars into our economy to speed along the “recovery”.  Sounds like yet another blow to free markets to me.

At least artist,  Mark Wagner knows how to stabilize our currency.