Our cute cousin just found out she is having twins.  According to reality television, this should be extremely manageable.

I think Kate Gosselin is a very savvy woman.   Armies of people follow her around and babysit for her brood.  She never has to cook unless she is shooting a dinner scene (much less, clean up).   Rather than fuss with laundry, she can just dispose of the children’s clothing because a sponsor like GAP KIDS will provide new ones.  No wonder her hapless ex-husband Jon felt sidelined.   Ok, maybe her privacy has been compromised the teeniest little bit;  but gee whiz, Facebook already knows EVERYTHING about us so how big a deal is that really?  I give the lady props.

Artist, Carol K. Brown brilliantly captures multiples of the same figure on the canvas.  Her most recent work has turned to the homeless population which you can see at the bottom of this post.

Artist: Carol K. Brown

Gallery Representation: Nohra Haime Gallery