We had a garage sale when we moved two years ago.   People showed up at 4:30…a.m.    I was a little frightened.   Apparently, there is a whole class of “crazies” who attend sales for sport.   I needn’t have worried as they were very polite and adhered to the usual garage sale etiquette of self-organization by assigning numbers to one another.   Getting there first has its privileges.   Most of them were looking for something very specific.  I got questions like, “Do you have any costume jewelry?” (Yes)  “Any Beanie Babies?” (No) “Where are your old books?” (against the wall, next to the Christmas items)  One inquiry I didn’t expect, came from a sweet retired gentleman who asked, “Do you have any broken kitchen appliances?”  I was a little insulted.  I mean, I have standards.  “We don’t rep and warrant malfunctioning toasters in this neighborhood, sir!”  It turns out this guy was a “tinkerer” and enjoyed fixing things.  I thought it very quaint.

Atlanta artist, Neil Hollingsworth collects a number of things to use as models for his lovely still life paintings.

Gallery Representation: CK Contemporary and Tree’s Place