There are so many “boutique” hotels these days, many of which latch on to a celebrated designer to create a “look” or aspirational oeuvre.  We’ve come a long way from Howard Johnson’s, but things are still pretty standardized and predictable when it comes right down to it.   Most of the time, the lodging experience amounts to a night spent in a West Elm catalog.  Defying the trend, however, is 21C, a contemporary museum hotel located in Louisville, Kentucky.  I urge you to put it on your travel wish list.

The work of artist Wayne White demands an explanation.  He buys vintage motel “art” and paints stylistic text on top of it.  I’ve only included in this post, versions that are legible and G-rated.  I was surprised and pleased to find out he is a fellow Tennessean.

“What’d I tell ya?”

Wayne, himself

“Ain’t tellin – Ain’t Askin

“Aw Cmon”