I went through a jag when I watched the BBC series, Planet Earth on a nightly basis.  I was riveted.   Pumas, aardvarks, snub nosed monkeys, gazillions of  insects, you name it- all captured on film.   Before this, I couldn’t have picked a rosy lipped batfish out in a lineup.  Now, I know lots of neat factoids like, Chilean guanacos hydrate themselves by licking the dew from cactus spines.  If you get me going, I’ll talk your ear off on the subject.

The true heroes in the film are the camera crews who must have had the patience of Job.  A five second shot of an elusive snow leopard might take weeks to capture.   I mean no disrespect to Marlin Perkins, who pioneered the genre after all, but it does make Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom seem kind of amateur.

Artist, Amberlee Rosolowich imagines a peaceable kingdom.

Gallery Representation: Hespe Gallery