Like many American families of the 70’s, we had a Ford Country Squire station wagon.  On our annual road trip to New Mexico we would put down the  third seat in the “way back” and layer sleeping bags and stuffed animals to make the journey more comfortable.  Seatbelts were considered a nuisance in those days. Besides, using them would have slowed us down when we climbed over the front seat to change the 8-track.    My father used to say that he felt like an ambulance driver since we were laid out like corpses for most of the 1500 miles.  It was some kind of fun.  Very Brady.

Our teddy bears witnessed the whole thing.  Artist Ross Bonfanti stops time by transforming cherished cuddlebugs into statues.  Turned inside out, they are filled with cement to create this effect.

Gallery Representation: Red Truck Gallery ,  Projects Gallery