My friend Eileen is no slouch.  She holds the 1972 national title for selling the most Girl Scout cookies.  At the tender age of eleven, she understood the power of multi-level marketing.  She enlisted everyone in her sprawling, Polish-Catholic family as her sales force and held them accountable for moving product.  To hear her tell it, getting orders was the easy part.  Things became a bit more complicated on delivery day.  She hadn’t really prepared for the 18- wheeler  which unloaded thousands of boxes of Trefoils, Tagalongs and Do-si-dos on her sidewalk  in the 95 degree heat.  Whoops.

The reward for her effort was two round-trip tickets to Hawaii and, of course, one heck of a merit badge.

Bo Bartlett’s work is as American as a Thin Mint.

Gallery Representation: David Klein Gallery, John Berggruen Gallery