I’m a member of the Garden Club of America.  Our activities run the gambit.  We are involved in all things horticulture,  from eradicating invasive honeysuckle (Lonicera Tartarica) to flower arranging.   It is all very civilized.

Zone meetings and flower shows take place throughout the year.  Each chapter sends delegates and cut specimens to vie for blue ribbons and recognition.  I can tell you this is not for lightweights.  Presenting a wilting hellebore that has not been conditioned properly is worse than singing off-key at an American Idol audition.  If you think Simon is tough, meet these judges.

The membership is extremely well turned out.  Gorgeous scarves and jewelry are standard uniform at meetings which belies our ability to drag a hose around.  Artist Kelly Reemtsen seems to capture the look in her charming paintings.

Gallery representation: David Klein Gallery