If a time traveler landed in America from 200 years ago, I think their most startling impression would be the number of signs, logos and brands that permeate our modern culture.  Conversely, I think if we traveled back in time, we would find the world less colorful and maybe (I’m biting my nature-loving tongue here) dull.    The truth is, Technicolor is FUN.  So are brands.  We can thank the likes of Mad Men and Madison Avenue for our packaging crazed existence. 

I’m including a little brain teaser which will test your brand awareness.   The alphabet below should prompt you to recognize the brand simply from the shape and style of the text.  An answer key will be provided to anyone who emails me at artstormer1@gmail.com.  Enjoy!

Today’s featured artist, Karen Shapiro creates amazing oversized packages using ceramic.  Pure play.

Gallery representation: Scottsdale Fine Art, and Winfield Gallery