Let’s talk about service.  I was racing through Whole Foods yesterday with my friend Claire grabbing some ingredients to make a Kale salad.  When I got to the nut dispensary I absent mindedly began filling my bag with pine nuts. A grocery associate walked by and said, “watch that price…”  I know pine nuts are expensive, usually in the $8-9 per pound range, but for some reason these were $29.99!    Apparently there was a very small crop last year from the magical pine nut forest that supplies Whole Foods so there is now quite a shortage.   I appreciated her looking out for me.  Could be that she has had one to many bags of them returned from the check-out.

As you are harvesting your basil to make pesto in the coming weeks, be sure to find an alternative ingredient for pine nuts…walnuts are an option.

Artist Joshua Suda knows how to keep an eye out.

Gallery representation: Principle Gallery