Years ago, my husband and I ate at Le Caille restaurant near Salt Lake City.  It was far and away the oddest dining experience of my life.  The waitresses were dressed in traditional “wench” costumes replete with corsets and peasant blouses.  I hadn’t seen the likes of that since the Jolly Ox shut down over 25 years ago.  Anyway, dinner was unnecessarily expensive, we sat next to Stephen Covey (who appeared to have some additional habits), and  there were copies of Braille Playboys in the men’s room (according to my husband).  I know what you’re thinking, and the answer is “NO”, only the words were in Braille.  At the end of the evening, the valet brought us the rental car.  We were two miles down the road when we noticed a briefcase in the back seat.  Inside were files marked “CONFIDENTIAL” in big bold red letters.  Driving back to the restaurant, we found the owner of the car waiting anxiously on the curb.

Then, U.S. Senator, Jake Garn thanked us profusely for the speedy return of his vehicle.

Artist Tricia Wright knows how to connect the dots.