I write as I watch a 1950’s tutorial on “How to Carve a Turkey” being presented on the Turner Classic Movie channel.  Hilarious.  A few years ago I learned about the 12 -hour turkey which makes slicing almost uneccessary as the meat is so tender it practically falls off of the bone.  For those of you not planning on a deep fried turkey this year, I recommend trying this method.  Wednesday at midnight, place a turkey that has been seasoned into a roasting dish.   Tightly cover the pan with heavy duty tin foil.  Place in the oven 200 degrees.  When you wake up the next morning your house will smell like Thanksgiving.  At 11:00 you can uncover the steamed piece of fowl, dredge it with butter and brown it for about 15 minutes at 400 degrees.  Perfect every time.

Also scrumptious are the serene photographs of Mary Ellen Bartley.