Portrait of A Lady, Saturday Night, (What Do You Think? Wine And Sex And The City At 5:30? Who’s Down?)

#Artist Shawn Huckins imagines an 18th century world with an overlay of texts and tweets.  I’m trying to keep this post to fewer than 140 characters…

Artist representation: Gildar Gallery

Mrs. Ezekiel Goldthwait: Laughing Quietly To Myself

Eleazer Tyng’s Laugh Out Loud Laugh Out Loud Total Bust Squint Face

To Sarah Morris – I Don’t Know How You Got Sick! We Haven’t Even Done Anything In Like A Month, Sad Face: Mr + Mrs Thomas Mifflin’s Cyber Tiff

Henry Pelham’s Jocular Tweet: To Dante – If I’m Just A Friend, Why Do I Know What Your Lips Feel Like??

Mrs. John Winthrop, (Read My Lips Baby, You’re Shit Out of Luck)

Mrs. Joshua Henshaw II, (Catherine Hill’s Post: Ha Ha, Evil Wicked Grin!)

Artist representation: Gilder Gallery