I live life in broad strokes.  I like having a “master plan” but stubbornly resist a routine schedule.  For example, when traveling, I’ll make the hotel reservation, but would rather stumble upon a great spot for dinner.  I figure it will all work out, and that by leaving time and room for serendipity, I’ll end up with a richer experience.  For the most part, good fortune intervenes.

I realize not everyone is comfortable with this approach.

Each New Year’s, between cleaning out my purses, closet, and inbox, I reflect on how I used my time for the past twelve months and set forth some general and fungible goals.  What do I want to learn?  With whom do I want to spend more time?  I realize fate may thrust these decisions on me but in the meantime I can pretend it’s in my control.

Painter Alan Reid captures my mood.  All of his women appear to suffer both ennui and good fortune with equanimity.

Gallery representation: Lisa Cooley 

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