I’m a pretty upbeat person, fueled mainly by what some might view as an annoying curiosity about just about everything.  The one thing that can get on my last nerve though, is persistant cloud cover.  I realize it is tedious to talk about the weather, but since it is Monday, I’m giving myself license to complain.  Nashville has been one dreary place for the past MONTH and SPRING just needs to go ahead and get here!!!

Young and brilliant artist, Ian Berry, knows how to shake the blues.  His portraits and landscapes are made ENTIRELY of discarded denim.  I’m going to slip into my Hudson’s now and face the day!

Artist’s website:

Denimu_shake_it Denimu_portraits_Midsummer Denimu_Portraits_Before Denimu_Art_Ben_Wentworth Denimu_Art_camdenhorse2 Denimu_Art_Wetpaint_shore Denimu_Art_HampsteadHeath Denimu_James_Dean_2012 Denimu_Brando_Denim_ denim-art-ian-berry-15 denim-art-ian-berry-14 denim-art-ian-berry-13 denim-art-ian-berry-12Denimu_Lonartedenim-art-ian-berry-11 denim-art-ian-berry-8 denim-art-ian-berry-7 denim-art-ian-berry-6 denim-art-ian-berry-4