wholeMy daughter Meade is home from college this weekend for a close friend’s wedding.  I can hardly believe how quickly this year has flown!  It feels like a new chapter is starting for our family and I’m pretty sure I’m going to enjoy it.

For today, I hope you will enjoy this whimsical work by Richard Saja.  His toile de jouy embellishments eschew tradition.  New look, new day.

As an added bonus I’m attaching a video by another creative, Brigitte Zeiger.  Her exploding wallpapers will stop you in your tracks!  Enjoy!

Artists website: Richard Saja

Exploding wallpaper video by Brigitte Zieger click HERE

swing-2clowns-fleeing-firewhole-piece fire-of-love main-skewed full M1 fur-man-yellow greenman-black HIGHER! swing-1 Duo detail-1 b-1 a-5 a-4 a-3 a-1 a-2