Summer does bring out the apparatuses.  Stilts, pogo sticks, unicycles, Razors, zip lines, surfboards, hula hoops, boogieboards, slip and slides;  great inventions, all.  Skateboard culture seems to exist on a higher plane.   All I know is that it often involves stitches.  Or shoulder surgery.  Ask my husband.  He misread the age requirement on the side of the box several years ago.  He didn’t see the “not recommended for OVER 40″ warning.

Paul Yanko’s paintings require no special skills to enjoy.

Artist’s web site:


4221 Perkins Road
Baton Rouge, LA 70808
p: 225.927.7676

FixedFrozenFissure2006 HexXTex2008 M12010 R-2-2008--2011 Module-Wing-Spark Untitled R-11-2008-2011 Hub-Wheel-Spoke Base-Module-Section Ray-Fan-Grow-(Machine-Version) Ray-Fan-Grow-(Arid-Version)