loveland-reservoir-ca-4-2011Normally, I allow magazines to pile up on my coffee table.   They are at the ready in the event that  I either get sick or bored and need some eye candy.  Maladies and ennui are not regular visitors at this point (I’m grateful) so most of my publications are discarded without proper veneration to the fashion and design gods.

For some reason, this week I did notice that Town and Country was headlining “Artists to Collect Now”.  “O.K,” I thought, “That’s work, so I better read it.”  I’m so glad I did or I might not know about the very talented Matthew Brandt.  His photographs, while pretty are interesting because of the stuff he slews all over them.  You don’t want to know…..Just look and enjoy.  It’s better that way.  If you are so intrigued, you can read about his process on his website:

Gallery representation: Yossi Milo
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